Get Back on the Road Fast with Expert Auto Repair Services from Our Mechanic in in Arab, Alabama

Ensure the Longevity of Your Vehicle

with Brake Repair & Engine Replacement Services from Our Mechanics

Prevent costly repairs in the future with brake repair and engine replacement services from our
mechanics in Arab, Alabama. Fixed Right Automotive provides every type of auto repair service
you could ever need. Contact us for further information about our services.

Brake Repair
Be safe on the road by choosing our brake repair services. Our brake repair services include
resurfacing brake rotors and drums and replacing pads and shoes. We can easily save your rotors
by turning them.

Brake Repair, Engine Replacement in Arab, AL

Transmission & Engine Replacement
We believe that it is always best to replace than to rebuild your transmission or engine, because with a new part, you receive a new warranty. When you choose our engine replacement services, we typically replace the engine a Jasper® engine. Additionally, we offer engine repairs for:

• Water Pumps
• Head Gaskets
• Intake Gaskets
• Oil Pan Leaks
• Oil Pumps

Complete AC Service & Repair
Make sure your air conditioner is ready for the warmer months with our AC service and repairs. Often times, we simply need to replace the compressor and recharge the system to get your AC working again.

Auto Repair, Engine Replacement in Arab, AL

Make sure your vehicle runs for many years to come by choosing out tune-up services. We do everything to ensure the longevity of your vehicle including:

• Replacing Spark Plugs & Wires • Replacing Fuel & Air Filters • Checking the PCV Valve • Checking Codes, Fuel Pump, & Drivability Problems

Electrical Repairs
Headlights out or did a fuse blow? We offer complete electrical repairs at our auto shop. We replace headlights and taillights as well as blown fuses.

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